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Well-being refers to such things as health and happiness along with social, mental and spiritual well-being. It is a subjective concept and tries to capture people’s available resources for coping with their physical, social and spiritual environment. The more narrow concept of health is a negative concept since it tends to stress the absence of illness. Much of psychology deals with the negative aspects of well-being. But there has been a growing interest in positive psychology, which deals with aspects that make us happy and raise our sense of well-being. As part of this movement there has been an interest in intrinsic motivation and the joy and excitement we get out of doing certain things just from the activity itself with no necessary regard for reward other than making us feel better for having done it.

In this section of the web site we consider some of the discussion of positive emotions and what raises our sense of well-being. First we outline very briefly a discussion of positive psychology. We also present a discussion of intrinsic motivation, signature strengths and flow. These three concepts are very interrelated and are similar to what sport’s people refer to as being ‘in the zone’. Positive emotions are positively related to happiness, and here we consider the factors that contribute to happiness. We also provide two hypnosis audio files to help in enhancing happiness.

Happiness and well-being are enhanced by reducing stress and anxiety. Here we consider the importance of taking a break and utilising the body’s ultradian rhythm. A feature of our evolution which hinders well-being is our negativity bias. We consider how this has arisen and how it can be reduced. The final section of well-being is how to utilise self-hypnosis for periods of hospitalisation. It deals with a case study (namely my own) of total knee replacement (TKR).

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