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Side effects

The side effects of cancer treatment are many and vary from person to person depending on the cancer being treated, whether chemotherapy, radiotherapy or targeted therapy is being administered. There are hundreds of different cancers and so it is not possible to deal with the side effects of each individual cancer. In positive affirmations we focus on general affirmations that can apply sometimes to common specific side effects or to side effects in general. General affirmations can be just as effective as specific ones, since the unconscious mind will know what is meant.

We have already given one visualisation for dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy: namely, the control panel visualisation. Here we focus on affirmations. Side effects occur throughout the treatment, and so these affirmations should be repeated frequently. They can either be presented as an audio file by a hypnotherapist or simply written down and repeated. Either way, repetition is the secret for success.

When these affirmations are listened to or said out loud, the unconscious mind will create different images on each occasion. Go with such images: even enhance them. As with all the affirmations present in this article, belief and expectation are important ingredients. A cancer patient needs to believe in their ability to control the side effects: they must expect to control the side effects. All negative thoughts need to be abandoned, e.g., avoid such statement said to oneself: ‘I always feel sick’, ‘I am losing my gorgeous hair’, or ‘I am always in pain.’ The moment one is aware of making a negative statement (a negative affirmation) to oneself, replace it immediately by a positive one. What the mind focuses on tends to become a reality.

Here are a useful set of affirmations for dealing with side effects of cancer treatment.

1. You are in control of the side effects from the chemotherapy drugs.

2. Side effects of chemotherapy are not absolute; and you choose to be free of them.

3. You have a control knob for each side effect, and these can be turned down or even switched off.

4. You are in control and can switch any knob right off.

5. If there is any hint of discomfort, take a deep breath and turn the appropriate knob to the off position.

6. You will find strengths you didn't know you had to deal with any side effects of treatment.

7. From the beginning of time the mind and body have known how to heal themselves.

8. Your body and mind knows how to be healthy and so knows how to remove cancerous cells.

9. Your immune system works automatically and effortlessly.

10. Your white blood cells surround any invading viruses or bacteria, like white knights on white charges.

11. Nausea and vomiting are minimal or not at all.

12. Vomiting will become less with each treatment.

13. Your immune system can block and destroy all the cancer cells in your body.

14. Your unconscious mind can put a stop to the cancer cells replicating.

15. Your powerful immune system can reduce or eliminate all side effects of chemotherapy.

16. Your mouth is free of ulcers.

17. Your hair continues to grow as normal.

18. Side effects of the chemotherapy are not part of you.

19. The number and degree of side effects are purely statistical averages and they do not apply to you.

20. Your white blood cell count remains high at all times.

21. You wash your hands before preparing food and after going to the toilet.

22. Your bone marrow produces lots of white blood cells and more quickly.

23. You have the optimal number of platelets in your blood so reducing the chance of a blood clot.

24. You will engage in good mouth hygiene, brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

25. Sea sickness bands will help reduce your nausea.

26. You will be full of energy during treatment; tiredness is not for you.

27. Your memory and concentration will remain optimal throughout your treatment and beyond.

28. Your enjoyment of food and drink will be unaffected by the chemotherapy.

29. Drinking plenty of fluids and fibre will avoid you having constipation.

30. You will not experience many side effects at all; and those you do will be minimal and mild.

The following audio file presents the affirmations in the form of a hypnotic set of suggestions. It can also be downloaded for personal use, see download page.

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