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The following affirmations cover aspects of intrusive memories, hyper-arousal and self-esteem.

  1. You are calm and relaxed
  2. You can cope with all things
  3. You have confidence in yourself
  4. You coped as well as could be expected in the trauma
  5. There is no reason to feel guilty about how you coped during the trauma
  6. Your unconscious mind no longer needs to constantly retrieve memories of the trauma
  7. Your unconscious can consolidate the memory of the trauma like any other sad event
  8. Intrusive memories and flashbacks of the trauma are diminishing as each day goes by
  9. Your unconscious is consolidating the trauma while you sleep without disturbing your sleep
  10. You are sleeping more soundly
  11. The things that trigger trauma memories are getting less and less
  12. Your concentration is improving
  13. Irritability is a thing of the past
  14. You are a unique person
  15. You are appreciated and respected
  16. You feel happy, healthy and fortunate
  17. You value and cherish your thoughts, feelings and actions
  18. You are in charge of your life
  19. You trust yourself
  20. You have the power and confidence to act correctly in each moment
  21. You no longer over react to unexpected noises
  22. Feelings of panic are a thing of the past
  23. You do not have to avoid situations that trigger trauma memories because you are now coping with those memories
  24. You are calm and relaxed and can cope with the unexpected

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Affirmations for PTSD