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Being positive

We have already pointed out that having a positive attitude is the most important ingredient for a successful treatment of cancer. Because this is so important, we present here 85 positive affirmations. Although this may seem a lot, if included as an audio file with soothing music they will not appear daunting. Even so, saying them aloud or even writing them down can be very therapeutic.

1. You are wonderful and excellent

2. You are great and wonderful

3. You love life, and life is love

4. You are fully connected with yourself

5. Your life is beautiful and full of experience

6. You are filled with wonder

7. You are mentally and physically healthy

8. Well-being is your normal and natural state

9. You create the world you want to be in

10. You associate with people who support you

11. With each day you decide how good you will want to feel

12. Each day you feel more love: love for yourself, love for life, love for what you choose to do

13. You truly deserve all your desires

14. You are perfect in every way

15. With each day you manifest that perfection

16. You have inner beauty and outer beauty

17. You are whole, you are fulfilled

18. You have success and happiness

19. You are free of limitations

20. You see the world of abundance and opportunities

21. You are able to achieve anything you desire

22. You choose empowering and positive thoughts about yourself and life

23. Each day you have more feelings of self worth

24. Each day you are more positive and think more positively

25. You are a wonderful being

26. You radiate love, life and gratitude

27. You now are releasing any negative emotions

28. Tension and anxiety are now disappearing

29. You focus your mind on the things you desire

30. You are wonderful in every way

31. Your energy vibrates at a high and powerful level

32. You just know you can achieve your goals without effort

33. You are healthy and attract energy

34. You send positive signals to all parts of your body

35. You send positive signals of health to all organs and systems of your body

36. You are happy and content

37. The cells and organs of your body are there to serve you

38. Your cells and organs look after you each day

39. Through your positive thoughts you radiate health throughout your body and mind

40. You feel good, vibrant and energised

41. You focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t want

42. You have goals and know where you are going

43. Your unconscious is supporting you in every way

44. You have empowering beliefs about yourself

45. You believe the world is working with you to achieve your goals and dreams

46. You have all the resources within you to achieve full health and well being

47. You have confidence and motivation to achieve all that you desire

48. You see every day as an opportunity to grow and develop

49. Every action is positive

50. Your mind and body work in harmony

51. You live in the moment

52. You are completely in a state of joy and happiness

53. Each day you love and appreciate yourself as you are

54. You radiate confidence

55. You are a charismatic person

56. You see beauty in everything you do

57. Your life is blossoming in true perfection

58. You are a compassionate person

59. You take responsibility for your life and actions

60. You treat others in how you would like to be treated

61. Your body is becoming healthier and more energised each day

62. You are in harmony with your true desires

63. You have positive thoughts and behave positively

64. You can change your emotional state whenever you desire

65. All things are coming together in your life

66. You give yourself time to relax and recharge yourself

67. You are letting go of the past

68. You treat your body with respect

69. You are getting healthier with each day

70. You handle situations with ease and with strength

71. You deal with all situations with calmness and confidence

72. You learn from your mistakes

73. You are a friend to yourself

74. You are open minded and respect other people’s model of the world

75. You are flexible in your thinking and behaviour

76. You can adjust with any situation

77. You are centred, grounded and balanced

78. You are stable in mind, body and spirit

79. You are creative; you can change

80. You forgive yourself and are able to forgive others

81. You let go of all past resentments

82. You value yourself

83. You accept responsibility for your actions

84. You are able to deal with stress

85. Your unconscious mind is allowing all these suggestions to sink in deeply

The following audio file presents the affirmations in the form of a hypnotic set of suggestions. It can also be downloaded for personal use, see download page.

Positive Affirmations
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