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Past Life Regression

An Opening Comment

Although regression to an earlier part of a person’s life is accepted by the majority of hypnotherapists, regression to a past life is not. This is a view particularly of hypnotherapists from Christian cultures. Neither Catholicism nor Protestantism accept the view of reincarnation.

Hypnotherapists and psychologists in general accept that everything that has happened to you from the time you were born (and possibly in the womb) is stored away in the unconscious part of your mind. Regression then is simply a way of tapping into these memories. But for other cultures, and some in the West, reincarnation is an accepted belief. Furthermore, for Buddhists and Hindus the memories of past lives are also accessible. Such memories are located in what Jung referred to as the collective unconscious (which is very similar to the superconscious referred to by the spiritualist Edgar Cayce). Past life therapists, therefore, accept the existence of a collective unconscious that houses all memories from not only your past lives, but those of all previous souls. The purpose of past life therapy is to bring back positive information that you can utilise in your current life.

In one sense it does not matter whether a person actually has past lives. Past life regression can simply be viewed as another technique of tapping into the unconscious mind – whether simply the individual’s unconscious or the collective unconscious. It is another means of understanding some situation or problem that a person may be having at the present time. However, what a person says under trance when past life therapy takes place will be influenced by that person’s view (or the therapist’s view) of the existence of past lives and how and why they influence present lives. Of particular importance in this respect is the concept of karma.