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Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E..), or what is sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),  has been very little discussed in the hypnosis literature. The many books on clinical hypnosis deal with pain, cancer, obstetrics and dentistry (to name a few) but no mention of M.E. The popular book on M.E. by Dr Charles Shepherd, entitled Living with M.E., dismisses the use of hypnosis in two brief paragraphs, arguing that it may be useful in dealing with the emotional difficulties of M.E. but not with M.E. itself. Such a dismissal of the use of hypnosis in dealing with M.E. is unjustified. Yet a more recent book by Joyce Fox entitled Surviving M.E. makes no reference to hypnosis whatsoever! Undoubtedly it can be used for the emotional difficulties attached to M.E., but it can also be used to help M.E. sufferers deal directly with their problems. It is this aspect which is emphasised in my article on Hypnosis and M.E.. In this article you will find a discussion of M.E. and how hypnosis can be utilised as an aid in recovery.

The article emphasises a four-pronged attack on the problem, shown in the following diagram.

It also highlights four hypnosis sessions, one attached to each of these aspects of the problem. The following supplies a list of audio files (in MP3 format) that you can download. Simply click on the file name. This will take you to Dropbox which will allow you to download the file. (You do not have to have Dropbox installed on your computer.) Alternatively, if you have a Dropbox account, you can save the file to your Dropbox folder. All sessions last about 20 minutes and are best played with headphones.

  1. Relaxation

  1. Energising

  1. Immune system

  1. Change in life-style

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - M.E.