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What is HypnoStudy?

Hypnotherapy is often considered as a means of dealing with problems. But it can also be used for self-improvement. Here we concentrate on self-improvement in education. We can call this HypnoStudy in just the same way that HypnoSport is a means of using hypnosis to enhance sporting performance.

Study involves, amongst other things, concentration, attention and focusing. Hypnosis, especially through the medium of creative visualization, can be used to improve concentration, attention and focusing.

Reduce tension

Study involves marshalling a vast amount of information. During revision times it also means marshalling this information quickly and efficiently. When tension is high, which is often the case during examination periods, this hinders such a process. Using hypnosis to relax and to reduce anxiety is extremely beneficial to the learning process. Furthermore, the more relaxed you are the more information is retained and the more information can be retrieved from memory. Memory recall is improved when you are relaxed and hindered when you are tense. This tension can become extreme, as in the case of examination panic when a student “freezes.” Learning how to relax through hypnosis can reduce such extremes.

Mental Rehearsal

Hypnosis can be used for mental rehearsal of situations that lead to tension. This can be as simple as rehearsing a tutorial presentation to rehearsing an examination or an interview. Mental rehearsal under hypnosis can be as effective, or even more effective, than actual rehearsals.

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