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What is HypnoSport?

HypnoSport is the use of hypnosis to enhance sporting performance in a natural and drug-free way.

Now used by many athletes, this method is simple and effective. To give but one illustration of its effectiveness. In an early experiment by psychologist J. A. Hadfield, the strength of hand-grip of three male volunteers was tested. The test used a dynamometer, which measures any force applied to it. The volunteers first squeezed the device in their normal conscious state. The average grip-strength was 101lbs. Hypnosis was then induced and two alternative suggestions were given. One suggestion was that their grip strength would become weaker. Under this suggestion the average grip-strength was 29lbs, a fall of 71.3%. They were then given the suggestion that their grip-strength was much stronger. This led to an average grip-strength of 142lbs, an increase in strength of 40.6%.

Increase motivation

Reach peak performance more frequently

Sustain your effort no matter what

Utilize visualization techniques

Boost your self confidence

Do what the top athletes are doing

Improve focusing

Keep your nerve when it matters

Utilize a drug-free method of self enhancement

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