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Being Grounded

What is grounding?

Grounding means getting in touch with the earth’s energy in order to restore balance and achieve a greater sense of well-being. It also means bringing your awareness into balance with your body in the present moment. It is a means of anchoring you in the present, calming you down while making you feel alert, focused and finding a balance within.

There are many ways to achieve grounding, but here we discuss a visualisation technique that utilises the grounding cord.

Grounding cord

You ground yourself to the earth by means of a grounding cord. This is simply a line of energy that you create mentally in order to connect your body to the earth. It is often thought of as a pipe along which energy can flow. The grounding cord starts in the base or root chakra, located at the base of the spine, and descends straight down as far as the centre of the earth. The purpose of this grounding cord is two-fold. First, it is a means of dispelling negative energies from the body. Second, it is used to draw in positive energy from the earth.

An alternative grounding is to imagine that from your root chakra a set of roots, like the roots of a tree, spread out and down into the ground, going right down to the centre of the earth. Imagine the roots in great detail. Some thick and others thin; but all going down to the centre of the earth.

A grounding visualisation

Begin by sitting comfortably in a chair, back straight, feet flat on the floor and your palms resting on your thighs. However, any similar posture will do so long as it allows your energy to flow freely through your body.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, breathing from your belly using your diaphragm. Now visualise the grounding cord (green is a useful colour for this cord) beginning to form at your root chakra. One possibility is to imagine a spinning ball at the root chakra that then descends and as it does so it forms a tube. This spinning ball descends straight down through the chair and through the ground to the centre of the earth, forming a continuous cord from the base of your spine. On reaching the centre of the earth the ball expands outwards merging as it does so with the earth’s energy.

In the case of the roots of a tree, imagine them going down and spreading out like tentacles.

Now imagine all your negative energy – the energy associated with feelings of anxiety, worry, panic, disorganisation, etc. – being drawn into the tube and sucked down the grounding cord. You may wish to imagine that this negative energy is being drawn into the centre of your body from the head down to the base of the spine (basically along all the chakras), which then passes down and out through the grounding cord. Next imagine positive energy beginning to enter the base of the tube at the earth’s centre or entering the roots like nutrient enters the roots of a tree. This energy flows up the tube and enters your body at the root chakra and then spreads out to all parts of your body; right up to your head. Imagine the energy passing up through your stomach to your chest, shoulders and head, and then down the legs and arms.  Feel, or just sense, the energy revitalising all parts of your body. Keep the energy flowing until you feel satiated – like a totally recharged battery. Once this occurs image the cord just dissolving away.

This technique takes a little practice. At first take about 15 minutes over the visualisation. However, with practice it becomes much quicker. You reform a new grounding cord each time you employ the technique.

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