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Favourite Place

Step 2: Establish a favourite place

Once the ideomotor response (IMR) has been established, having the client create a favourite place is a useful next step. This place can either be where the client meets with their inner child or some other place where they can simply relax and feel at peace with themselves. It is useful for the hypnotherapist to use an IMR to see which of these two the client wishes to meet with their inner child. It is important to have agreement between the client and her/his inner child as to where they would like to meet each other. Mutual agreement is necessary if trust and security is to be established and maintained between them both. Even if the inner child wishes to meet elsewhere, it is still important to establish the favourite place in order for the client to have a place where they are relaxed and secure. Point out that when thinking about a favourite place the mind will scan a number of images but will settle down on one: this is their favourite place.

Although this favourite place need not be established while in a trance state, it is much better to create it while the client is in trance since it is a place that is chosen by the unconscious mind.

Favourite place

Think of a favourite place, which can be real or totally imaginary; a place where you can feel utterly relaxed and at peace with yourself. This place can contain all the beauty you want it to contain. There need be nobody else in this place unless you want them there. If you wish to have a pet in this favourite place then that is OK. In this place you not only feel totally relaxed, but you also feel safe and secure. You have no worries or anxieties whatsoever when you are in this favourite place of yours. You feel totally at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

In this favourite place you can be whatever you wish to be. It is a magical place: whatever you need is instantly available. It is a place that you can allow people in if you wish, but if you do, they will do exactly what you ask them to do. It is as if they cannot help but do exactly what you ask them to do. Most of all it is a place where you can come to relax thoroughly and put out of your mind all the cares and worries of the day.

A place to meet between the client and her/his inner child

If the client chooses to meet their inner child in this favourite place then that is fine. If not, then it is necessary for the client to think of a place where they could meet. Simply follow similar suggestions, but emphasise that this is a place where the client can meet her/his inner child with security: a place where both are happy with the choice. Let the client scan images (real or imaginary) where they can both meet and use the IMR to establish when this has been found. The hypnotherapist may wish to question the client as to the nature of this place so that they can utilise it to the full in later therapy.

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